About Us

As a company

Our mission is to help out during this time of need. We started operating because we have the power to HELP. We provide fast shipping and a reliable supply of what your facility needs to secure your guests.

We have reallocated our manufacturing resources to address the hand sanitizer shortage and provide our clients with an easy method to fight germs.

Our product is manufactured under the World Health Organization guidelines and created in the USA to provide confidence and security.

We have bases in Florida, New York, and California in order to provide reliable service anytime and anyplace. We offer our customers 24-hour overnight service solutions if ordering all over US.


Our Products

We focus on manufacturing and distributing hand sanitizing technology that simplifies the way your business or establishment maintains overall good hygiene.

We have created a powerful duo that is suitable for both public and private environments to help effectively avoid germs and infection that spread through contact.

Our Automatic Sprayzer provides users with our reliable hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of many common harmful germs in as little as 15 seconds. Assembly is easy and only takes 2 minutes to set up. To use simply place your hand under the sensor to start the soap or sanitizer dispenser.

With a variety of sizes, forms and fragrances, Automatic Sprayzer is the perfect alternative when soap and water aren’t available.